Wednesday, August 29, 2012

down on the farm.

Hello again!  I feel like a country girl in this outfit with the whole white blouse, denim, braided belt combo--all I need is some cowboy boots and I could start baling some hay!  I didn't want to take it to that extreme though (nor do I own a pair of cowboy boots) so I thought the heels gave it some edge. 

Last night was the weekly farmer's market in our neighborhood.  It is so fabulous having the market come through every week and it is one more reason why I love our neighborhood!  Some favorites from this summer include homemade salsa and a chocolate raspberry pie, mmmm.

Here is Champ!  I knew it wouldn't take long until he ended up on here!  Please give him a warm welcome because I am starting to think he is more photogenic than me :P

[blouse:H&M skirt:ASOS shoes:Gabriel Brothers (great discount store in the Pittsburgh area) belt:thrifted sunglasses:H&M]

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  1. I dont think its Farmerish, though I see what you mean. Love the belt with the high waisted denim!

  2. Hey Champ!! Oh I didn't know there was a farmers market in your neighborhood, there is one on my street in the summer in Towson, where I work. Its so refreshing. ;) Love the shoes with that outfit.

    1. Thanks, Candice! Yea, we have a farmers market every Tuesday like 2 feet away which is so convenient. Did you start your C'more blog? Let me know and Champ says hi!

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