Tuesday, October 2, 2012

all you need is love.

I'm back from my little hiatus.  So much was going on last week, but being back feels great.  Last Saturday my co-workers and I participated in Canstruction.  If you've never heard of it (don't worry I had never heard of it either!) its a competition between design/construction groups to design a sculpture out of canned goods.  The canned goods then get donated.  We made a huge ketchup and mustard bottle (get it, Heinz ketchup, Pittsburgh Canstruction? eh?) so we won Best Use of Labels for making the ketchup bottle out of Heniz baked beans.

This look reminds me of Valentine's Day and reasonably so because today was me and Zach's 4 year anniversary!  I wore this out to dinner at our favorite Japanese buffet where they have all you can eat crab legs, our favorite.  Well here's to a 4 year anniversary AND a 4 day work week!

[dress:vintage flats:Urban Outfitters tights:Urban Outfitters]  


  1. lovely blog you have here! what a creative idea with the cans!! and i love the silhouette of that dress


  2. This dress is GORGEOUS! Such a great find, it looks amazing on you. Happy four year anniversary!

  3. lovely combo!
    cute dress x white stocking can never go wrong! <3


  4. cute dress :) I also love the bottles! hahahaa


  5. This is pretty look! ヅ

    P.S. You may want to visit our blog and we'd love it more if we follow each other.


    Thanks! ヅ

  6. Your dress is so cute ! =)


  7. Jenny, this dress is gorgeous! What an amazing find! Definitely reminds me of Valentine's day too, and happy anniversary to you guys! 4 years is quite an accomplishment.

    Your competition at work sounds so fun, how cool that you can do that kinda stuff on the job!! I'm glad you included the pictures! Yours looks great I can totally tell what it is!

    perfectly priya