Thursday, October 4, 2012


Heyyo, I'm starting to realize that the fall wardrobe is all about the basics.  While shopping I find that I am always drawn to statement pieces which are great for summer (who doesn't love a printed dress?), but fall means layers.  I am going into withdrawal from bright colors right now, but I am learning to love black and brown (it hurts a little inside).  Anyways just how I am feeling this fall, how do you feel about your fall wardrobe right now?

I am so super pumped to go to NYC this weekend!  Zach's friend is getting married in Central Park and we are going to spend the weekend in the City, ahhh the City, it sounds wonderful.

[jacket:Kenneth Cole pants:H&M boots:H&M purse:I'm not sure, I got it a long time ago while in Italy sunglasses:Forever 21 tanktop(underneath):Target socks:not sure either]


  1. Thanks for the comment, happy to stop by! And I love this Navy on you - so chic and simple!

  2. I adore the socks peaking through your boots.

    I am trying the transition into Autumn wear as well. I am constantly drawn to bright colors --- trying my best to find solid hues!

    xx amy

  3. Lovely look. I'm embracing black too this season.

  4. I am in love, you are perfect!

  5. love the boots!


  6. I am starting to shop more and more for basics myself... trendy items add up when you have to rebuy them ever season!

    PS. very cute jacket and I love the navy/black combo.

    In Her Stilettos - fashion blog

  7. Jenny, this outfit is cute :) so casual but cute.
    I'm a new follower :D


  8. I completely agree, so much layering definitely calls for staple pieces. But it gets so difficult to only buy staple pieces haha. I love this jacket! The boots seem like the perfect fall pair too.

  9. u look so preettyy! lovely photography as well
    check out my blog too if u like :D

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter

  10. SO cute! I love the boots!
    Have fun in NYC!! It's so amazing there. I've only been once but fell in love instantly!

  11. Wow ure really pretty I really like ur outfit :)
    Wanna follow each other ??
    Come by anytime !!!

  12. Very pretty !
    Love your boots !

  13. Fall is totally about basics, amen. It's hard for those of us who love color, but I'm sure you'll find ways to pop it into your wardrobe! I'm feeling pretty excited about fall fashion right now, because I just unpacked all my winter clothes (so it's like getting a whole new wardrobe!), I'm sure that will wear off, but I'm trying to enjoy it for as long as I possibly can! Trying to make the most out of my scarves right now. Looking good Jenny! I love the boots!

    perfectly priya

  14. i love your outfit! you have an amazing fashion style, can't wait for more outfits :)

    I adore your blog! so many inspiring posts.
    reading them made me smile, thanks alot for that =)

    I'd love for us to follow each other if you like?
    I really hope to get to know you more ~ <3

    Hope you have a fab day hun!
    Talk to you soon. XO

  15. You are so cute! I absolutely love this simple look.
    xo TJ